Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing B

Hi all! So my partner kind of wants this blog to be somewhat anonymous for a while (in case we suck...LOL.) So I thought I would introduce myself as much as I can while still being anonymous. I'm B, the cleaning, organizing, artistic, only child of this relationship. I know, artistic and "neat freak" don't generally go together. But, its not my fault, I am the child of a gay father and an overbearing, "cleanliness is close to Godliness," right wing fundamentalist mother. As a result I love music, dancing, musicals, old movies, cooking, art (making and observing), and straightening, cleaning, and organizing. I guess you could say I don't mind making a mess, as long as it gets cleaned up after... thoroughly! LOL.

Anyway, so I decided to make the first truly "domestic" post to the blog. The rest of this post will probably only appeal to pet owners and neat freaks like me. We have two cats. You may have noticed them in our profile pic. A tortie and a tuxedo, and they are awesome! But, their cat hair and the food and litter they drag everywhere are not awesome. So, my baby got me a new vacuum! Which may sound lame, but I was totally excited about it (I know insert joke about lesbians and carpets.) But I was excited because I love when things are clean. It works so well I thought I would post a pic and a description, in case anyone out there is in the market for a new vacuum.
It's the Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind Plus. It has awesome suction, great pet hair removal tools for the extension, it's light, the handle folds down, and the filter is cleanable so you don't have to replace it. It's worked wonders so far. I love it!

Thanks for letting me introduce myself and next time I won't be so long winded.:-)

~ B

Awesome Video

So apparently this video has been around for a while, but we just discovered it tonight and its awesome! Check it out.

Date Night!

Tonight we went out for a dessert date.  We've both been working a lot so it was really nice to reconnect a little.  We made dinner together at home, then we went out for dessert at this great bakery on Bell Blvd in Bayside called Martha's Country Bakery.

The bakery is really cute. It has a country feel inside with cozy wooden booths, nice decorations, and friendly servers.  Whenever we go out we try to get a feel of what the crowd is like and if it seems safe to hold hands or show a little affection to each other. I don't know if many straight people realize all the shit that GLBT couples have to think about just going out on a date.  Martha's is surrounded by bars and restaurants and you never know when there might be a drunken asshole or two around.  Despite maybe a couple of looks, we ended up feeling totally comfortable.  Our dessert date was really great!  We ordered lattes and slices of cake.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Welcome to our blog.  We're new at this, so bear with us.  We've been together for 7 years, and we're "domestic partners," which really doesn't mean anything legally, except that we can be under the same health insurance.  We've been engaged for over 2 years, and will get married when the ridiculous laws in this country catch up to reality.  And we are, in fact, pathetically domestic, which means we'd rather stay in on a Friday night cuddling on the couch than go out and be crazy.  Not that we can't go crazy at times, we can and do, which I'm sure you'll learn later if you continue to read this blog.  We plan to write about our lives, experiences as a lesbian couple, and thoughts and opinions on the world around us.  Hopefully this blog will be entertaining, while showing that gay couples are just like "normal" couples, and should be given the same rights and treated equally.